Code of Ethics

 Who We Are

The National Association of Estate Liquidators (NAOEL) was created to help establish a standard of professionalism and excellence in the estate sale and liquidation industry through education and mentorship.


  • We believe an Estate Sale Agent should serve the needs of families and individuals with professionalism, expertise, and compassion during what is often a trying time for their Client.
  • We seek to establish and nurture professional standards in the estate sale industry by providing training, education, and resources.
  • We maintain a network of Agents to mentor and provide personalized support, guidance, and encouragement in the business and professional development of Member Agents nationwide.


To this end, Members of NAOEL agree to abide by and support this Code of Ethics, both in its specifics and its intentions.


Business Practices

  • Members acknowledge that the industry, Clients, customers, and community are best served by informed and knowledgeable professionals who work in the spirit of cooperation, and who avoid practices which may discredit NAOEL or the estate liquidation industry.
  • Members agree that all parties in any transaction are to be treated honestly, fairly, and truthfully, avoiding any fraudulent, malicious, or discriminatory practices.
  • Members shall maintain all required licensures, abide by all applicable laws including obtaining necessary permits and permissions, and keep thorough and accurate records.


Fairness in Advertising

  • Members shall be truthful in all aspects of advertising and marketing, both for their business and the estate sales they represent, accurately representing their professional qualification and capabilities.
  • For the purpose of contracting a Client, Members shall not exaggerate or overstate the possible total proceeds of a sale, but give their best estimate of what may be reasonably expected.
  • Members shall not use photos or descriptions of a Client’s sale for their business marketing without the Client’s prior permission.



  • Contracts should clearly state Agent’s compensation and terms of payment, and fees shall be based on the reasonable value of work performed.
  • Contracts should clearly define both the Agent’s and Client’s responsibilities throughout the sale process.


Client’s Interest

  • Member Agents have an obligation to protect the interests of their Client, as well as the Client’s personal information, property, and funds.
  • Agents shall advise, assist, and guide their Client, making themselves reasonably available throughout the estate sale process, and providing professional advice only in qualified areas.
  • Agents shall diligently research and determine appropriate prices for their Client’s property, seeking to obtain the best sale prices while liquidating the maximum number of items, and shall not knowingly overestimate probable values.
  • Agents shall competently manage their Client’s property and sale, including the appropriate handling of funds and prompt settlement and remittance of proceeds.
  • Agents shall not recommend third party services unless they have reasonable expectations of the party’s quality of service and integrity.


 NAOEL is not a policing organization, and all Members voluntarily abide by this Code of Ethics. By signing below, you agree to uphold this Code, and recognize that violation may result in the immediate revocation of your Membership. If at any time you have concerns about a Member of NAOEL violating this Code, please contact Donna Davis at